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BeLive’s Virtual Busking App Lets Budding Performers Reach Out to Greater Audiences

Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame, and to turn those minutes into the performance of their lives. With BeLive, anyone, can now become an online superstar. It doens’t really matter whether you’re into dance, singing, magic tricks or stand-up comedy, local homegrown live-streaming app Believe lets your build your own channel to establish your personal fandom.

This virtual busking app lets streamers receive virtual gifts, such as teddy bears and flowers from their followers in real time. These virtual gifts are actually purchased with real cash and the streamer receives a significant portion of the revenue when they receive these virtual items. It’s said that live streaming is the future of social media, with Facebook and Instagram launching live streaming services in the past couple of months. Northern and Eastern Asian countries like China and Korea have already been on the live-streaming train since last year, but South-east Asian countries are still new to the field. In China, live streaming has been predicted to be a US$5 billion market by the end of 2017, according to Credit Suisse. Since its launch in February, BeLive has attracted over 1,000 unique streamers, with about 300 of them actively streaming at least once a week.

“Live streaming is the new social. In China, Japan and Korea, this virtual-busking style of live streaming is the rage right now but it is still nascent in South-east Asia. We believe that this is next frontier of personal entertainment and want to put Singapore as a forerunner in what may well be the next big thing in social media and the Internet.” – Kenneth Tan, chief executive officer of BeLive

The app is available on both iOS and Google Play.

Top streamers can earn about $400 to $500 per 30-minute stream.

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