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BBM for Android and iPhone release postponed, unlikely to make a return this week

BlackBerry has announced that the BBM app for Android and iPhone won’t be relaunched this week, as the company works on resolving issues the leaked Android version of the app caused over the weekend.


BBM was all set to make its way to millions of non-BlackBerry users last weekend, but a pre-final Android app leaked a few hours before the intended launch time. This leaked app “resulted in volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than normal for each active user and impacted the system in abnormal ways,”¬†which resulted in the release being halted for both platforms.

For now, the company’s working on completely blocking the unreleased version of the Android app, which will reportedly take considerable time despite sounding like a “simple task.” That makes the prospect of a relaunch this week a bleak one, which means the long wait folks around the world endured for BBM is going to get back to haunting everyone once again.

One has to wonder: how exactly does BlackBerry plan of competing with the likes of WhatsApp and up-and-comers like Line, when its servers can’t handle the load of a million users? Sure, it was an unexpected incident, but it’s something they should have anticipated beforehand, instead of making excuses later about a leaked version bringing the service’s backend down to its knees.

Ah, well, we’ve waited all this time, so what’s a week or two more, eh?

Source: BlackBerry

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