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Bay Trail-T coming September 11

Intel’s Bay Trail-T is coming in September. It will have Intel’s new HD Graphics chip as well as support for DDR3L-RS and LPDDR3.


Intel is set to release its Bay Trail-T chip, to update the Atom family, on September 11 at its developer forum in San Francisco.

Bay Trail-T will come in four models: the Z3770, Z3770D, Z3740 and Z3740D. All of which are quad-core chips. The “D” processors, the Z3770D and the Z3740D, will support resolutions up to 1920×1200, while the non “D” chips, the Z3770 and Z3740 will support resolutions up to 2560 x 1600.

The Z3740D and Z3770D have 10.6 GBs memory bandwidth and will support up to 2 GB of DDR3L-RS 1333 memory.


As far as clock speed goes, the Z3770 and Z3770D will max out at 2.4GHz while the Z3740 with Z3740D reach a maximum speed of 1.8 GHz.

At Computex Intel introduced us to Silvermount, the architecture that would push Intel onto mobile and smartphone platforms. Interestingly, Intel isn’t developing its own baseband but rather adopting Huawei’s ME906v LTE module or its Huawei MU736 3G module to give Silvermount connectivity.

We don’t have solid information on the TDP for these chips. The documents leaked to us only have the chip’s scenario power draw (sDP), a sometimes deceiving metric that Intel has started using.

More details are expected as IDF nears.

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