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Battlefield 4’s single player campaign to be less linear than Battlefield 3

Here is some good for those who care about the single player campaign of their Battlefield games. After last years fiasco it looks like DICE is attempting to make amends and offer a better experience.


It’s no secret what most people thought about the single player campaign for Battlefield 3.  It was widely and heavily criticized for being far too linear, often having you just stand there and wait for something to unfold before you can actually move forward with the game, and even then things were mostly scripted. According to this quote from DICE’s general manager in OPM UK, things are looking up for the sequel.

“There are signature multiplayer elements that we want to bring into single-player,” explains Troedsson. “We want to give the player a choice. Do they want to go for the sneaky approach with a sniper rifle and a silenced pistol, or do they want to take a jeep and have the entire squad shoot at everything they see?”

Despite being a multiplayer focused game, this news plus the gameplay demo shown at E3 does offer some hope that they have indeed recognized what they did wrong and have done whatever they could to reverse it. There is also mention that they hope to use the more powerful engine to create a more engaging experience.  We’ll have to wait and see if this pans out but it’s already sounding a lot better than before.

Source: OPM UK Via: Polygon

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