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Battlefield 4 gameplay reveal!

DICE has released a 17 minute gameplay video from the upcoming game Battlefield 4, and it shows off the game's very impressive technical capabilities

Battlefield is making a habit of leading the way with mind blowing graphics and wow does this new trailer prove it. During the 17 minutes of gameplay we're treated to, a discerning eye will catch plenty of amazing new-gen eye-candy and gameplay features, and what looks like a really good military campaign.

The most striking graphical improvement must be the character models, which move as if they're real (like reality real), and whose faces have just about passed the uncanny valley into what we could consider photo realistic. The way the facial muscles move and emote is striking! The very short clip of an Asian woman during the last seconds of the trailer showcases this the best – I would not have thought it was CGI if I didn't know ahead of time.


Next, lighting and especially smoke effects come off as very impressive, and play a new role in the gameplay as an obscuring field that will envelop the battle if too much stuff gets destroyed at once. And speaking of destruction, if you're quick enough to catch it, there is indeed a building in the trailer which seems to be fully destructible (as opposed to the BF3 buildings, which largely had destructible walls while retaining it's indestructable steel infrastructure).


It's a bird watcher's Mecca


The processing power needed for this game will probably be quite high, as we can tell from the massive flock of birds about halfway in, and the row of construction projects with beautifully animated cloth fluttering in the wind.


Finally, new gameplay elements seem to be emerging, including branching paths to explore buildings, as well as in-campaign driving sections. Most notably though, the inclusion of squad commands adds an emphasis on thinking tactically, and flanking the enemy as opposed to just facing it head on.


It's not often I'm wowed these days. I am wowed. I will be wowed again this fall when Battlefied 4 comes out for PC (though next gen consoles haven't been confirmed, they will most likely get a release as well… I wouldn't bet on the 360 or PS3 though. I doubt they can handle it)


Now, go check it out for yourself below!




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