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Battlefield 4 campaign is ridiculously short, claims Redditor

A Redditor who somehow gained an early access to a copy of Battlefield 4 due to release tomorrow in some countries, has revealed that the game’s campaign took him a mere 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete. 


Is gameplay length the key to an enjoyable experience?

Redditor BoomerFTW posted on Reddit’s r/Battlefield section today, claiming that he has completed the game on normal difficulty. The shocker: It took him only a total of 4 hours to finish up the single-player campaign, which he deems “[sic] rediculously short”  but “enjoyed it way more” than Battlefield 3’s campaign.

Delving into more detail, the character development is akin to the spinoff Bad Company series of games with more cinematic moments, the Redditor says. There is also the addition of a new points and ratings system, which looks likely to make players compete on the leaderboards and unlock new weapons along the way.

As to why some gamers get to play the game earlier, the very same thread says:


The previous Battlefield installment took an estimated time of 6-7 hours to complete the campaign, with David Goldfarb the lead designer affirming it is the “sweet spot”. Co-op mode was introduced in Battlefield 3 but subsequently scrapped in the upcoming release, with no reason given.

Battlefield 3’s plot wasn’t terribly exciting, with the added scripted linearity dictating how gamers trudge through the game; a less-than pleasing thought compared to the acclaimed multiplayer magic developers DICE are known for in its series of large-scale online warfare. They fell very short in dethroning Call of Duty‘s counterpart in blood-pumping, explosive storytelling and gameplay.

Battlefield 4 will be released on October 29.

Source: Reddit

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