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Battlefield 4 announced, screenshots and videos inside

E3 2013 has been super exciting already with all the new IPs and games for next-generation consoles. But that didn’t stop DICE’s next masterpiece-to-be, Battlefield 4, from blowing our minds off.

Battlefield 4 DX11 screenshots (5)

It’s here, it’s upon us. Award winning studio DICE revealed in-game footage and stills of their upcoming, guaranteed-to-be-epic Battlefield 4 multi-platform first person shooter. My first opinion after watching the gameplay video? “Enter the Battlefield”. All of the live gameplay at E3 2013 was run on a PC, possibly at 2K or 4K resolution. Specifications for this monster PC are unknown, but expect nothing less than a CFX/SLI configuration of the highest end GPUs at the very least.

Treat your eyes with the videos and screenshots of the destructive but beautiful Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 Videos

Angry Sea single player

Official Commander mode

E3 multiplayer gameplay

Seige of Shanghai multiplayer

Battlefield 4 Screenshots

Battlefield 4 launches on the PC, current generation consoles and next-generation consoles, most probably this November (near the release time frame of the new consoles). All Xbox One owners will be gifted with an additional map pack and next-generation consoles will be on par with the PCs, with 64-player ultiplayer and Naval Combat.

DICE, you’ve swept us off our feet. We eagerly wait for Battlefield to hit release date.

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