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Battlefield 3 “Epicenter” shakes up multiplayer

A new map has been revealed for Battlefield 3, which will be part of the new Aftermath DLC, premiering in December. Aftermath will bring the earthquake from the singleplayer campaign into multiplayer.

Premiering in December, the Aftermath DLC pack for Battlefield 3 will feature several new maps, one of which, "epicenter" has just been revealed with a flythrough-video and an in-depth interview on the battlefield blog. Epicenter, and aftermath in general, will focus on bringing the earthquake from the singleplayer game, into the multiplayer environment.

The DLC pack in general will revolve around the aftermath (hence the name) of an earthquake, and the Epicenter map frames this in the ruins of a city block. Damaged buildings, torn streets and a fallen construction crane turned makeshift walkway, are the main visual features of the map. This destruction obviously changes the urban environment; something the designers were keen on incorporating into gameplay. Cracked roads will provide new cover, rubble will provide access to otherwise unreachable areas of buildings and exposed pipes will let you sneak past you enemies.

The arguably most exciting feature on Epicenter though, is that you will be experiencing an earthquake in-game. At random intervals while playing the map, you will feel aftershocks from the earthquake.  This means loud rumbles, car alarms and dogs barking, as well as debris and broken glass raining down from the buildings around you. You will also be shaking, thus making it harder to aim.

To cope with traversing that has so much destruction and debris around it, DICE will also be providing a few new and specialized vehicles in the DLC. These will be heavily modified to get through difficult terrain without getting stuck. There will also be the addition of new weapons, such as the silent crossbow. A new game mode, scavenger, will also be introduced. Scavenger will be based around the concept of hunting for weapons and ammo around the map.

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