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Battlefield 3 BETA – Can an Intel dual core laptop with AMD discrete GPU run BF3?

We answer one of life's greatest mysteries – can an aging Intel i5-450m dual core laptop with AMD Mobility Radeon 5650 graphics run the upcoming Battlefield 3 shooter with playable fps? Read on.

Strangely, I get asked this question a lot. So let's put it to the test –

Machine Specifications:

Intel Core i5-450m processor, AMD Mobility Radeon 5650 graphics and 4GB DDR3 memory.

CPU-Z – this chip has 3MB cache and can "turbo" up to 2.66GHz

GPU-Z – this mobile part is equivalent to the desktop Radeon 5570/GT440 and the mobility GT335M

Game Settings:

For the test, we set the graphics quality preset to custom , fullscreen resolution to 1366×768 (which is the laptop native display resolution) and used the lowest setting for every option.

FPS (in an empty server):

See the top left number

Video of the action:

(Obvious) Conclusions:

You CAN play Battlefield 3 on a Core i5 dual core system with an entry level AMD GPU. However, if you are going to have any serious multiplayer sessions on this laptop, my only advice is prepare to lose, BADLY. 

To play BF3 well with high frame rate per second on a notebook PC, it needs to be at least equipped with a high frequency Quad Core processor (2630QM and above) and a Mobility Radeon 5850/GTX560M; the new gaming laptops such as ASUS G73SW and Dell Alienware M14x should have no problem running the game.

Next up, we'll be testing on the AMD Llano A8 APU based notebooks, and a supermassive 1500W EVGA W555 SR-2 with 2x X5680 @ 5Ghz and 2x Radeon 6990 in Quadfire.

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