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The battle is still on: flexible Galaxy Note 3 Active and curved LG ‘Z’ both coming this month

Let the flexible games begin. It’s what we’ve wanted so badly to proclaim for so long and at last we’re in a position to actually hope the first curved smartphone or smartphones are forthcoming.


But the question of who’s going to be the first OEM to roll out a bendable handheld still stands. And just like a month ago, the suspects remain Samsung and LG. The odd thing is both of the company’s execs insist on dropping hints and building hype, despite neither being prepared to actually showcase working products.

Oh, well, what seems to be set in stone is the two traditional Korean-based rivals will both have more official and detailed announcements for us by the end of October. Sammy, as soon as next week.

As I’m sure you already know, the Galaxy makers are tipped to be working out the kinks of a special, limited edition of the Note 3 with a flexible panel, one that’s probably to be dubbed Galaxy Note 3 Active.

As such, not only will the new phablet be able to twist and turn for you, but it should also get allergies when faced with water or dust. On the not so bright side, a number of downgrades compared with the standard Note 3 edition are possibly maybe in the cards, including the featuring of an 8 MP rear-facing snapper.


Plus, it appears Sammy can only produce about 1.5 million flexible AMOLED screens a month, meaning a launch outside Korea for the Note 3 Active might not go down for a while longer.

As for LG’s plans for the innovative new technology, these are a tad more secretive, but at least we can rule out the Vu 3 from the list of road-opening candidates. Apparently, Samsung’s foes are planning to very clearly differentiate the stretchy new mobile devices from conventionally designed products by launching a new “Z” family.

The first LG Z is said to make use of a concave curved display, but, exactly like the Note 3 Active, it will only be flexible up to one point. Which should still help the overall ruggedness of the device, mind you, though it won’t exactly allow you to roll it completely or anything like that.

As the “Z” is in production already, odds are it won’t just be formally unveiled this month, but also commercially launched, albeit in limited quantities. Exciting stuff, eh?

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