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Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales suspended due to major performance issues


Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive have temporarily ceased selling the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight after numerous complaints from gamers of major performance issues.

The worst affected seem to be gamers with AMD graphics cards. However, even those using NVIDIA graphics cards have reported a number of issues such as freezes, frame-rate stutters, audio glitches, and more.

The developer of the game, Rocksteady Games has issued a statement today stating that they are aware of the various issues being reported with PC version of the game and that is currently working with its external PC development partner to fix all these glitches as soon as possible.

On Steam, the game has so far received almost 2,000 negative reviews, while 70% of the gamers who bought the game do not recommend the game.

Most retailers have started offering refunds in case the next patch for the game is not able to fix the issues.

Source: GameSpot

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