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Bathrooms are social media hot spots according to a recent study

A recent Nielson study shows that 18-24 year olds are likely to be using social media from the bathroom.  Social media while driving and Twitter while watching television has also become more commonplace.

Smartphones and busy schedules make it more likely that people will access social media from some very unusual places.  Since texting while driving has become such a problem, it isn't surprising to hear that more people are checking their Twitter and Facebook feeds while behind the wheel.  It turns out that people are more likely than ever to be using social media from some very unusual places, including the bathroom.

Nielson's most recent annual social media study found that more than 27% of 18-24 year old report using social media from the bathroom.  It's great that the digital natives are connected 24-7, but do they really need to bring their Facebook friends to the bathroom with them?  Alas, this statistic pales in comparison to the number of people who reported using social media while at the office: a whopping 51% of employees access sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pininterest while at work.  

Watching television used to be a sacred activity, but now more than 38% of smart-phone owners and 41% of tablet users access social media while watching their favorite shows.  During the 2012 US Presidential debates, live Twitter updates were posted on-screen, and most viewers agreed that it added to their overall enjoyment of the program.  In fact, more than 33% of Twitter users twitter about T.V, and it isn't just the 18-24 crowd.  The age group most likely to use social media to discuss television shows were adults aged 35-44.

It's too early to tell how these trends will affect the future of social media and how companies will continue to use it to connect with their customers, but we can be sure that it has never been more important for a business to understand their customers.  The best way to do this is still through creative uses of social media.  What are those 18-24 talking about on Facebook while in the bathroom?  It will be up to some talented data crunchers to find out.

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