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Barracuda Networks prepares for confused customers entering the cloud

Barracuda Networks continues to manufacture traditional enterprise networking technology, but must also try to keep up with the sheer number of business rivals and customers heading into the cloud.

Both consumers and businesses are becoming more comfortable embracing traditional software models that are migrating to the cloud.

Instead of dealing with expensive and complicated business applications, cloud computing makes it easier for users that only need to pay for what they use.The cloud provides cost-effective solutions for users, and is scalable and greatly reduces the need for on-prem resources.

The evolving demand of corporate technologies involves a mix of hardware, virtualization and cloud computing offerings that need to work quickly and efficiently.

More companies migrating into the cloud to boost mobility and collaboration also need to be aware of growing cloud security threats that must be addressed.

VR-Zone recently caught up with Oliver Wai, Barracuda Networks Security Product Marketing Manager, who shared a few thoughts regarding the company’s effort to help businesses work more safely and securely in the cloud.

“By listening to the people that use and deploy our solutions like customers and partners, we’re able to understand what’s important to them in a technology – and what features to include when we make updates to existing solutions,” he said to VRZ.  “We know that we’re going to have customers in need of hardware, virtual, cloud or hybrid solutions, so we try to incorporate the best technologies of each to meet deployment demands.”

Even with numerous benefits of cloud computing, there are significant security concerns that must be addressed by companies hoping to migrate.  Cloud solutions for consumers and businesses continue to force an industry shakeup and deployment processes must be considered while choosing a vendor and the appropriate hardware.

However, even trying to identify what the cloud is can be difficult, so we asked Barracuda how its company currently perceives the cloud.

“Conceptually, the way to look at the cloud is simply as a new way to deploy an application or application workloads. We’ve already seen the migration of applications from physical to virtual servers. Cloud migration is simply the next step.

With more people looking to leverage the cloud, Barracuda and other companies are developing solutions for the most popular cloud platforms, including Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon, Dell, IBM, and other companies currently in the space.

Almost 50 percent of large companies will utilize a hybrid cloud mix of cloud-based and on-prem solutions by 2017, according to the Gartner research group.  This is a great time for both businesses and vendors, as there are a host of different cloud choices available, while decision makers need to continue developing an idea of how they want to implement the cloud.

Migrating to the cloud is changing how businesses handle IT efforts, and Barracuda isn’t the only company involved in helping businesses. Microsoft, IBM, NetApp, Amazon, Oracle, and numerous smaller companies are developing cloud-based storage and security solutions for business decision makers.

For hardware choices, Barracuda Networks is competing with Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and other competitors trying to stay ahead of the hardware-software IT industry blend.

Cloud migration remains a tricky business, and as more companies begin to offload internal hardware, companies must be careful to make sure their migration is completed successfully.  For business makers trying to determine the best route towards moving to the cloud, proper research and investigation before dealing with any hardware or software vendor is important.

Once a general outline of what is expected from the cloud is reached, and how the company would like to progress there, then it’s time to begin dialogue with a vendor.


Source: Barracuda Networks 
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