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Barnes & Noble checkouts hacked; credit card info stolen

Hackers have manipulated the keypads at the checkout in 63 Barnes & Noble book stores. The result is stolen credit cards, and FBI investigation and dismantling of thousands of point-of-sale terminals.

In Barnes & Noble bookstores across the United States, hackers have tampered with the keypads at the checkout desk and managed to steal credit card information from customers. Customers who shopped at the bookstore chain as recently as last month in New York, Miami, San Diego and Chicago. Though as many as 63 keypads had been tampered with, only one is known to have been compromised so far. 

Barnes and Noble discovered the issue on September 14th, but they've been keeping things quiet after contacting the FBI, who have been attempting to track the hackers down. Meanwhile, the bookstores have removed over 7000 point of sale terminals and none of the 63 keypads, which have been removed from the their stores, have not been replaced.

Careful with that MasterCard, ma'am

Customers can still make purchases today by letting the teller swipe their card in the card reader attached to the cash registers but is advising it's customers to change their pin numbers and keep a close eye on their credit card statements until further notice. Purchases made online at barnesandnoble.com, nook and from various nook apps, remain secure. The company stated that they were "working with banks, payment card brands and issuers to identify accounts that may have been compromised, so banks and issuers can employ enhanced fraud security measures on potentially impacted accounts.

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