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BAE is designing a new hybrid tank!

The Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) is a new hybrid tank developed by BAE systems and Northrop Grumman, and may soon replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle

The Bradley fighting vehicle has been the US (and Saudi) military's go to APC and tank-killer since 1981, but soon, it may be replaced by a new hybrid vehicle, the Ground Combat Vehicle, or GCV. The GCV is one of several proposals for replacing the Bradley. Developed through collaboration between BAE systems (who created the Bradley) and Northrop Grumman, the new troop transport will be able to carry three crew members and an additional nine passengers.

The GCV looks like it means business


The GCV is a brand new design has a proposed life span if 40 years, and was created from the ground up and intended to be fully upgradable with different attachments and weaponry in order to customize and modernize the vehicle to fit any situation that might be thrown at it. The crew will be protected inside a steel core hull and have access to electronic network, surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, all of which are integrated into the vehicle.


The most important innovation on the GCV may be it's Northrop Grumman developed Hybrid Electric Drive (HED), which provides the vehicle with 1,100 kW of electricity, and is notably smaller and lighter than contemporary power plants. The HED enables the vehicle to have improved torque, low speed maneuverability, and most notably, will allow the vehicle to run silently. The efficiency of it's conventional engine has also been improved, letting it idle while draining only 17.5 liters of fuel per hour, as opposed to the standard 38 liters per hour. This is significant since military vehicles spend a good amount of time sitting in idle to power onboard systems.


The 31 year old Bradley fighting vehicle, outfitted here with reactive armor


The GCV will weigh in at a whopping 63.5 metric tons, more than double the Bradley's 27.5 tons. The extra weight is largely due to the need for the GCV to be fully protected against mines and other IEDs. The armor in the proposed vehicle, in fact, surpasses that of the RG-33 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle – which just by the sound of the name is pretty well protected against mines. Still, the vehicle can go from 0 to 30 km/h in 7.8 seconds and has  a top speed of 70 km/h.


The cost, per unit, for a GCV is expected to be around $13 million.

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