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Back to square one: LG rumored as Nexus 6 sequel co-producer

You shouldn’t rule Huawei out yet… or any other half-respected Android device manufacturer, for that matter.


Cracking Google’s tight-lipped Nexus evolution plans with really no solid evidence supporting the inherently wild theories around is no easy feat. A certain OEM selection pattern was identified when the search giant chose to collaborate on two consecutive stock Android-running phones with both Samsung and LG.

Similarly, Asus was the chosen one for two Nexus 7 generations, but HTC helped build the roster’s first handheld, and only got an invite back in the program for the highest-end Nexus tablet to date, last year’s N9.

Oh, and let’s not forget Samsung actually cooked up three Google co-produced gadgets, including the inexplicably abandoned Nexus 10 slate. Bottom line, Motorola is a prime suspect as far as possible architects of N6 sequels go, but there’s no guarantee a rookie, like Huawei, won’t take its place.

Another just as (un)dependable guess is a spectacular LG comeback. Ah, yes, everyone praised the Nexus 4 and 5, the latter in particular, and after the G3, it’s obvious this Korean company’s designs have reached full maturity.

LG Nexus 5

Can you imagine? A Nexus 6 follow-up with (even) slimmer bezels, rear physical buttons and perhaps a subtle curve, as the one believed to adorn G4’s stylish, robust construction. Heck, we could probably get on board for a full-on arched body, a la G Flex 2, as long as it comes bundled with the “magical”, self-healing back coating.

For the record, we’re not making everything up here. Yes, this is all a wild guess, but Google engineers reportedly visited LG headquarters earlier this week, heading next to daughter companies LG Innotek and LG Display. And something tells us the trip was all about business, not pleasure.

One more theory before wrapping up. Make that two. What if LG is to follow up on the HTC-made N9 with an upgraded, vanilla Android G Pad? Lastly, is it possible they’re maybe working on a Nexus Watch, based on the G Watch R or Watch Urbane? Now, that’s a lovely thought!

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