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Back From the Dead: Turbine Announces Asheron’s Call 2

A screenshot of Asheron's Call 2 back in 2002

Game developer Turbine Inc. has announced the relaunch of its 2005 MMORPG Asheron's Call 2. After a quiet 7 years, AC2 returns abruptly and without a subscription fee.

It will be a very Merry Christmas for some this year. In a sudden announcement yesterday, Turbine’s producer Severlin announced via their forums that Asheron’s Call 2 has returned. You heard it right, after shutting down in 2005 shortly after the release of its first expansion, Legions, the game is already live and back seven years later with a single server called Dawnsong. It is free to play for those with an active Asheron’s Call account. Though still running a version of the old client, Turbine considers the game in beta and is actively monitoring for any hiccups.

A screenshot of AC2 before its premature demise.

This is unprecedented for an MMORPG developer to re-release a game so long after it has closed down and it is raising some eyebrows. After Turbine bought out Microsoft’s share of the Asheron's Call IP back in 2004 and choose to publish for themselves, the game seemed to tread water for a time but struggled to draw in significant numbers. Only time will tell if there is still a place for old MMOs.

Source: Asheron's Call Forums

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