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Award-Winning Chi-Fi Comes to Singapore

1More is officially coming to Singapore, launching their brand at a private event prior to the start of CanJam 2018. In a room high up in Pan Pacific Hotel, Ari Morguelan, director of PR/Media at 1More USA, gave us an overview of the 1More’s current product line-up, as well as previewed a few upcoming headphones.

Ari from 1More introducing the brand and product range.


Dual, Triple, and Quad Driver IEMs

The core of the 1More lineup consists of the Dual, Triple, and Quad Driver IEMs.

Forming the core of 1More’s lineup, the dual, triple, and quad driver in-ear monitors (IEMs) have received much praise from critics worldwide. Offering hi-fi quality audio at affordable prices has been the main mission of the 1More brand, and these three headphones are prime examples of that.

The 1More Dual Driver IEM. The Dual and Triple Driver IEM look identical.

Starting at 99SGD, the wired version of the 1More Dual Driver earphones offers consumers an affordable entry point to the world of multi-driver IEMs. With one dynamic and one balanced armature (BA) driver in each earpiece, the Dual Driver offers sound quality that matches products over twice the price.

Next in line is the Triple Driver IEMs at 169SGD. With a single dynamic and dual BA drivers, the Triple Driver offers a smoother and more full-bodied sound that the Dual Drivers, at less than half the cost of other triple-driver IEMs. This price point marks the sweet spot in the balance between price and sound quality.

The 1More Quad Driver, top of 1More’s IEM lineup.

At the top end ins the Quad Driver at 299SGD. The Quad-Driver offers the best sound quality out of the three, and has the most neutral sound signature as well. This will be of particular interest to audiophiles, many of whom are attracted by neutral-sounding IEMs as they believe these will produce sound closest to what the artist intended.

ANC Versions

The wireless version of the Dual and Triple Driver.

We also previewed the upcoming wireless versions of the Dual and Triple Driver IEMs. The wireless version looks similar to the wired version, but features a neckband where the electronics are hidden. These wireless IEMs are equipped with Automatic Noise Cancelling (ANC), and uses to Bluetooth to connect to the audio player.

True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The 1More True Wireless comes in a nicely crafted charging case.

1More also showcased the upcoming True Wireless In-Ear Headphones. These IEMs feature dual drivers, a single dynamic and a single BA, as well as noise cancelling to reduce background noise.

The upcoming 1More True Wireless IEM.

Stay tuned as we bring in some of these 1More products for review over the next few weeks.

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