IFTTT brings its unique automation service to Android devices.


IFTTT announced that its mobile client is now available for Android devices starting today. iPhone users have been able to use IFTTT’s automation services since last July. IFTTT allows you to create a mishmash of services and notifications based on channels.

Thanks to Android’s ability to let services access its core features, IFTTT comes with six Android channels that allow you to link online services to these channels. The new channels include:

  • Android Device Channel
  • Android Location Channel
  • Android Notifications Channel
  • Android Phone Call Channel
  • Android Photos Channel
  • Android SMS Channel

Using the Android Device Channel, you can set your latest Instagram a your device background, automatically log whenever you disconnect/reconnect from Wi-Fi, mute your device volume for a set time every day and much more.  Similarly, you can use the Android Location Channel to receive and send notifications based on your location. For instance, you can create a notification to remind yourself to turn on Wi-Fi as soon as you get home. You can similarly log the number of hours you stay at work to a Google Drive document automatically.

The Notifications Channel also brings a lot of additional functionality that lets you receive notifications from a whole host of online services. IFTTT offers an incredible amount of customization and lets you automate most of your daily activities. Head over to the source link below to download the service, and let us know what your favourite IFTTT recipes are in the comments below.

Source: Google Play (IFTTT)

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