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Autodesk teams with Organovo to print human tissue

Science and medicine is facing incredible times ahead as companies like Organovo has teamed with Autodesk to change the world of medicine with things like 3D printed human tissue.

Every day it seems that we are hearing about new and wonderous things that technology companies and medical researchers are doing with 3D printing technology. A good example of this is that the other day I wrote here about how Parabon NanoLabs and Janssen Research & Development have found a way to use 3D printers to create new drugs to fight cancer. Now we have another duo teaming up to put 3D printing to the test by producing human tissue from the latest in print technology.

The two companies, Autodesk and Organovo, have teamed together to create the 3D design tools and will use Organovo's NovoGen MMX bioprinter, which is currently one of the only commercial systems capable of printing out biological material. This technology is still in its infancy but even at this point it is possible to create human tissue which can then be used in surgery or for drug testing.

The two companies aren't giving any timeframe for  the software, nor are they talking about any other collaborative project, however, the press release put out by the two companies does promise that their product will provide "the potential long-term ability for customers to design their own 3D tissue".

If this project does indeed come to commercial fruition the effect on medicine could be immense.

via The Verge

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