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Australian police deems Apple Maps app as “potentially life-threatening”

Police in Australia have issued a warning against using Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app; stating that the inaccuracies may lead to “potentially life-threatening issues.”

Australia has some of the most inhospitable locales so it’s understandable that if a person gets stranded in the middle of the Australian Outback because inaccuracies from Apple’s Maps app then it definitely reflects very badly upon the developer of the navigation system.

Local police in Mildura, Australia reportedly warned motorists to refrain from using Apple’s Maps app after a few incidents resulting in travelers ending up stranded and without food and water for as long as 24 hours.  In more extreme cases, some were subjected to “walking long distances through dangerous terrains” to find help.  Just how treacherous can these terrains be?  How about places where the temperature can reach 115°F (46°C), and for most people the blistering heat is enough to be fatal.

The Victoria Police News reported that Mildura police had to assist more than one travelers who found themselves stranded because they were relying on the mapping system provided by iOS 6.  In a test conducted by the police department itself, the local authority found that the Apple mapping system listed the city of Mildura as being in the middle of Murray Sunset National park—70km (43.5 miles) away from its actual location.

Since its inception, Apple’s Maps app has been under heavy scrutiny from users because of its unrefined nature.  Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, publicly admitted that its Maps app “fell short” of meeting the company’s as well as consumers’ standard.  In one of the rarer instances, Tim Cook also even offered an apology saying that “[they] are extremely sorry for the frustration this (the Maps app) has caused.”

A distorted Brooklyn Bridge is something to laugh at, but being stranded because a navigation system led you the wrong way is not.

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