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AudioFly AF56 Review: An Absolute Showstopper

If you have never heard of the Audiofly AF56, you are missing out. Out of all the earphones I have tested in 2016, nothing impressed me more than the AF56. These premium in-ear devices costing $138 are nothing short of spectacular.



The AF56 doesn’t have the most flashy design, but it manages to pull off a clandestine and classy look. The speakers have a metallic braille rim that looks and feels sturdy and not to mention, sporty.

The wire is Kevlar reinforced with a fabric covering. Thanks to the thin nature of the wire, microphonics are negligible and there is little disruption to the sound quality when using on the move.


The speakers do not protrude directly out like most earphones, but it comes out slanted in a 45 degree angle. This helps the earphones fit in your ear much better than regular devices.

Comfort and Noise Isolation

Following up on the previous point, the AF56 is a stellar device thanks to its incredible fit in anyone’s ears. My fellow reviewers and I found that the AF56 fit and sat in our ears instantly and perfectly. There was no need to snuggle, squeeze and push it in with force. A simple push and voila, magic happens.

It’s perfect fit in our ears helper alot with noise isolation. It’s no noise canceling earphone, but it’s one of the more solid devices out there.

Using it for long hours didn’t cause any hurt to the tendons on my ear at all. So if you are someone who loves to leave it on for long periods of time and chill, they are great.

Audio Quality


Mechanical build aside, the AF56 also provides you a premium and solid audio experience.

To sum up the sound of the AF56, the word “lively” could be used. It has a very stage-like feel and a well-balanced audio spectrum.

The bass gives off a very 3D feel to songs and beats and it was rather impactful. So trance, dance and all things bass-related would rock.The mids and highs may not be the highlight of the device but they perform well nevertheless. However, treble and vocals may appear a mixed well with the punchy to give a stage like atmosphere.



The AF56 is truly a premium set of earphones that hasn’t quite gained traction in Singapore. For wired earphones, they may be quite pricey, but they are worth every penny spent. So if you are an audiophile, these are absolutely recommended.


Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

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