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Sudio Vasa Blå Bluetooth Earphone Review

Sudio (not a typo) is changing the game when it comes to in-ear earphones. Most of these are rather delicate, ugly affairs which do not provide good audio quality, and can be terribly uncomfortable to wear. This is where the Stockholm-based Sudio is trying to fill a gap, providing gorgeous-looking earphones that would make you proud to be seen in public with. The audio is pretty good as well, but is it enough to justify the premium price?

Sudio Unboxing

The box the earphones come in is durable and quite beautiful, obviously designed to be directly handed over as a present. Each box comes with the earphones and replacement buds, a user manual, a warranty card valid for a year, a leather holding case and a tie pin to keep the cable attached to your lapel. The double function here is to keep the earphones from falling to the ground or flapping against you, whilst also looking attractive. Sudio really has not compromised in this regard.

Sudio, looks to kill for


If these earphones do not make their way into the next James Bond it would be a travesty. Sudio has made sure that the earphones are very pretty, with the rose-gold finish giving it a very nice retro feel that works very well with the black of the earbuds. The cable itself is not bad, although it might have been nicer to give it a circular finish rather than the flat cable they opted for. The rubber feel to the cable is strange at first, but considering these cables are meant to survive being folded up into your pocket or the provided leather case, it is an understandable  design choice. Also lovers of symmetry would be pleased to know that there are two buds on either side, one for sound control and the other for charging the cable.

The earphones themselves have eight hours continuous playtime, and a ten day standby lifespan, which is enough to go a few days between charging. If you just need to quickly top up on charge, the earphones can quickly charge in 10 minutes, whereas it takes two hours to go from completely flat to full battery, which is pretty impressive.



This is where personal taste comes into play. I am not a fan of earphones, because I don’t like the feel of having something imbedded in my ears. That being said, these earphones feel very similar to just about every other kind of in-ear earphones with rubber buds. If they are too big or too small it is easy enough to replace the buds to better suit your needs. For me, one of the buds kept falling out of my ear while trailing, but so long as you don’t begin head-banging you shouldn’t have any issues.

Sudio Sounds

The 10.2mm speakers have a sensitivity of 112 dB at 1kHZ. As a result the sound quality is nice and crisp, working well with a wide range of music and podcasts.  I found it to be a little too quiet at the lower levels, but not to the point of blowing out the speakers to be able to hear anything. The design also means that there is very little audio bleed, so you won’t be getting any judgemental looks on public transport wearing these headphones.

Final Thoughts

These are not cheap headphones, coming in at S$165 and they have to be shipped all the way from Sweden, with an extra S$7.99 if you need to get delivered those few days earlier. They are very nice to look at, although nothing particularly out of the ordinary when it comes to audio quality. If you need some stylish earphones to compliment your outfit when larger headphones would get in the way these are invaluable. Its not everyday that you get earphones that will compliment your suit.

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