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Audio-Technica introduces new ATH-WS55 headphones and ATH-CKM77 earphones


The ATH-WS55 headphones and ATH-CKM77 earphones are the latest additions to Audio-Technica's line of audio products, offering superb audio quality and both are available in stores now.


Designed for bass lovers, the new ATH-WS55 is wrapped in a sleek aluminum casing with a huge 40mm driver that is capable to transport you to your music dreamscape. With a frequency response of 10-24,000Hz, you can feel all the beats of your favorite dance music in this wonder kid. The ATH-WS55 also feautres a new “Bass Innovation” in the form of a dual air chamber that allows better airflow for a powerful bass sound.

The sizzling red aluminum cap version also comes with equally eye catching red cables. The ATH-WS55 is designed with a well-padded top headband and soft ear pads that not only ensure comfort; but it also provides high sound isolation. The Audio-Technica ATH-WS55 is retailing at an attractive S$148.

The ATH-CKM77 is the latest addition of in-ear monitor earphones to the hugely successful line of Audio-Technica earphones famed for crystal clarity. Specially designed in a hybrid metal casing of aluminum and stainless steel, the ATH-CKM77 reduces unwanted vibration, making it sound better and with less distortion.

The ATH-CKM77 gives a pure and well-balanced sound, light on the treble, yet managing a powerful, warm bass. The 13mm driver earphones are great for general listening to a wide spectrum of music, from jazz to hip-hop to classical.

Weighing at only 8g, the earphones comes together with a hard leather case, 4 sets of ear buds, and a cleaning cloth. The ATH-CKM77 is available only in aluminum/stainless steel version and will be available at S$178 at selected authorized retailers.

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