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Audio-Technica Announces ATH-C101 Earphones, ATH-RE70 And ATH-FW33 Headphones


Audio-Technica has announced their latest ATH-C101 earphones, ATH-RE70 And ATH-FW33 headphones. The earphones and headphones feature stylish designs and boast superior audio performance for audiophiles on the move.

The latest ATH-C101 “CUBE” earphones are ultra-light, weighing only 5g. It fits snuggly into most ears and comes in six different colours. The earphones pack a mean a dynamic 13.5mm driver and claim to offer great sound quality. The ATH-C101 is available now at MSRP S$18 at all authorized retailers.

From the line of the Bjoue, comes an exquisitely sweet gift for the ladies. The ATH-FW33 is a one-of-its-kind headphone, being the only one that has a diamond cut design. The ATH-FW33 features 30mm driver that produces a tight bass and a well-balanced sound., making it a  great choice for listening to your favorite songs. Available in sweet pink, pure white, matured brown and classy black, the ATH-FW33 is designed with a thin headband, which does not mess up your hair.

The ATH-FW33 is available from November 2010 at MSRP S$48 at all authorized retailers.

The retro-styled ATH-RE70 is a remake of the hugely popular 30-year-old ATH-2
model. Although the exterior of the headphone remains fairly the same, it comes with an impressive 40mm diameter driver that produces a well-balanced and superior sound.  The large leather overhead strap eases pressure on the head, while the smooth slider design and universal swiveling ear cups ensure the perfect fit for long listening sessions.

The ATH-RE70 comes in black and white and will be available from end of October at MSRP S$88 at all authorized retailers.

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