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Audi Q2 and Q7 Win Auto Zeitung “World’s Best Car” Awards

41,000 readers and members of German automotive enthusiast publication AUTO ZEITUNG have voted in the 30th iteration of the “Auto Trophy” poll this year, where Audi has secured three firsts. The Audi Q2 has cinched “Best SUV up to €25,000”, the Audi Q7 the “Best luxury SUV”, and the brand has achieved the overall “Best design worldwide”.

The Audi Q7 fits luxury in a mid-sized SUV form-factor. Image: Audi Singapore

With Audi’s great strides in the realm of automotive Artificial Intelligence this year and its announcement of its implementation in the latest A8, Audi is posed to be the dominant figure in the motoring world this year.

Incredible value in an incredible form – Audi’s Mini-SUV option, the Q2’s, has an aesthetic that has nothing mini about it. Image: Audi Singapore


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