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AT&T wants to sell your browser history

AT&T is considering selling your data, including browser history and location, to advertisers.  There are however, ways to opt out.


AT&T doesn’t seem to read the news particularly often, or they’d know that data protection and privacy is an issue people feel very strongly about. AT&T has namely decided that it’s going to sell your browser history, location data and more to advertisers. The plan was noted in the preview of an upcoming privacy policy change that was revealed earlier this week.

AT&T has pointed out that Verizon already has a similar system up and running, and that Google and Apple have been taking part in similar plans as well. The one upside is that they’ve promised to anonymize and aggregate the data before sending it to advertisers.


Thankfully, AT&T is giving you a relatively easy way to opt out of the program. All you need is to know that the option to opt out exists, and then know where to go to do it. Here’s the link. All you need to do is sign in and then opt out, and you’re done.

If you feel like digging a little deeper into AT&T’s various plans, they have an entire page dedicated to similar programs and ways to opt out of those too. Check it out here.

Via TechCrunch

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