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AT&T to launch Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Camera on November 16

Samsung and AT&T will launch a high-end Android-based Galaxy camera on November 16 for US consumption.  Will this camera be a hit or a novelty item?

The camera, although having already been launched in various locales worldwide, is finally coming to the US with a pretty nice price tag.  Originally tagged for retail as a $499 purchase, the price seems to have dropped to $399 for US consumers—with a catch, that is.  Buyers will be able to purchase the Android-powered Galaxy camera for $399 if they decide to also purchase a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone as well. 

True to the Android meme, the Camera will sport a 4.8-inch Super Clear HD LCD screen, a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G support (varies on model), Wi-Fi Direct, and a microSD.  The camera itself boasts a 16MP sensor, 21X zoom, and a wide variety of built-in photo editing software.

Since the camera is capable of 3G and 4G connectivity, you’ll be able to purchase AT&T’s data services.  The pricings of the various service includes: Mobile Share which allows you to share between 1GB-20GB for $10, DataConnect 250MB for $15, DataConnect 3GB for $30, and DataConnect 5GB for $50.

Does the Galaxy Camera sound like a worthwhile buy?  Or is it just a novelty item that will get phased out sooner or later?  Comments below!

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