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AT&T gets US Lollipop ball rolling for LG G3 at last

No words on timelines from other carriers, but it shouldn’t be long now.

LG G3 Lollipop

LG looks like the early front-runner for the international Lollipop champion belt, but where it truly counts, the Koreans haven’t been able to deliver thus far. Yes, they’ve stunned by rolling out Android 5.0 to the G3 before Google managed to update the Nexus line.

And then, they quickly raised the tally of up-to-date devices to three, with timely bumps for the G2 and G Pro 2. But only in certain parts of the world, while their stateside fans were kept waiting even for G3’s software promotion.

Obviously, that’s not squarely the manufacturer’s fault, with service providers playing their unyielding parts and always insisting on Android bloatification and “optimization”. Then again, both Samsung and HTC kicked off US carrier-locked Lollipop rollouts before LG, and that’s something bound to stick to people’s memories.

LG G3 AT&T Lollipop

In the end, system stability is what counts above all, as long as the holdup is a matter of days or weeks. That seems to be the case here, and AT&T is as we speak sending out a silky smooth OTA package to its LG G3.

Weighing in at around 700 MB, this is build numbered LRX21Y, and switches Android 4.4 for 5.0.1. No 5.1 love yet, we’re afraid, though we’re still unclear as to crucial differences.

For the time being, you’re looking at a revamped, far more responsive and natural UI, Project Volta battery life improvements, redesigned notifications, new ART support, and enhancements across the OS, from Wi-Fi connectivity to Bluetooth, security and overall performance.

Bottom line, probably the best Android smartphone around just got better… on AT&T, and Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will be looking to revise the handheld’s operating system at once.

Source: Android Police

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