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ASUS Zen AiO Pro Review: A Relentless Machine


Asus’s Zen AiO All-in-One PC is certainly a remarkable device that satisfies most of your computing needs. This chunk of processing machine is not only beautiful, but powerful as well.



Asus’s devices have been incredibly stylish lately. The exoskeleton of the Asus Zen AiO Pro is no exception.

The hard metallic casing of the Zen AiO Pro feels extremely modern and luxurious. The chrome-like body is made of a non-reflective matte material that simply exudes elegance. The introduction of the concept of Icicle Gold was one of Asus’ best decisions in the field of design,


The 23-inch screen is most certainly huge, which in my humble opinion, is a great thing. Even with the huge screen size, the resolution is superb, you can exgrpect to see a crystal clear display with fairly good colour representation on the glossy exterior. That’s of course, only to be expected with a 4K/UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS 10-point multi-touch display.


Oh did I forgot to mention, the screen is actually a touch screen as well!

The AiO Pro also comes with matching keyboard and mouse that has a chrome finish which complements the monitor really well.


It’s easy to compare the Zen AiO Pro to the iMac, but I would say Asus’s Zen AiO Pro isn’t an imitation of the iMac at all, it’s own unique style truly separates itself from Apple’s brainchild.

User Experience


In one word? Fantastic.



The AiO Pro is a beast on paper. With an i7 processor and 32GB worth of RAM, there is no reason for it to lag at all. To be able to fit all of that into just a monitor, is something impressive.

To be honest, I didn’t think that the speed was particularly impressive. It was good of course, but the startup speed and the speed of initiating programmes could have used a bit of work, it wasn’t as fast as latest-gen ultrabooks or some PCs with equivalent hardware specifications.

For instance, my Asus Zenbook UX305 with an i5 processor started up faster than the AiO Pro, which was rather surprising to be honest,

Nevertheless, the speed is actually more than satisfactory during my daily usage, watching shows, browsing the net and for most productivity purposes. Multitasking is most certainly not an issue with little to no lags  in between.

Media Consumption


Well, the AiO is meant to do everything, so as a serial bingewatcher, watching dramas was a huge thing for me and I really loved the media experience with the AiO Pro.

The illuminating screen with superb colour contrast that according to Asus has a “wide color gamut of up to 82% NTSC, 85% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB” takes watching Game of Thrones to a whole new level.

What’s more, the sound system on the AiO Pro is remarkable for a desktop PC with no external speakers. It isn’t a professional boombox, but the six-speaker stereo configuration and 16-watt output sound system makes it so sweet to listen to. Listening to Boyce Avenue doing their soothing covers is an absolute pleasure on the AiO Pro.

The bass may not be extremely powerful, but the vocals and acoustics are definitely stellar.



It’s not exactly built for gaming, but its performance sure feels great here. Running Call of Duty titles on Medium settings ran into no issues at all. Simpler games like Dota 2 obvious poses no challenge to the GTX 960 graphic card inside this beast.

A professional gamer would probably choose a different PC like those from the Asus ROG series, but it’s definitely more than enough for the casual gamer.

General Feel


The screen is really responsive, the keyboard is really punchy and nice to hammer on and the mouse is light and beautiful. The entire system comes together really nicely for the Zen AiO Pro. Now, PCs are not my field of expertise to be honest, but for an average tech geek, I’m absolutely blown away by this awesome machine.



I know I said the Zen AiO was fantastic at the beginning, but come to think of it, the best way to describe the Zen AiO is “congruence”. Everything seems to flow in really neatly with the Zen AiO. A machine that looks just as good or if not better than an iMac, a device without a chunky CPU capable of both productivity and gaming purposes, what more can you ask for?

At a price of $2,198, it’s more than you can ask for at this price. It’s hard to find something with such tremendous aesthetic and decent processing capabilities. The idea of a hassle-free all-in-one PC that saves me space, is simply too hard to resist.




Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

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