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Asus Zenbook UX31A Touch Review

A single Delta exhaust blower is used to dissipate the heat from a series of heatpipes, and it keeps the keyboard and aluminum body cool to touch when in normal operation. During our artificial full-load simulation, it did well enough to prevent the CPU from throttling down its frequency.

The battery is a 4-cell 6840mAh, 50Wh Li-Polymer good for around four hours of productivity with full-screen brightness and wireless radio turned on. With some compromises, it should last you through the day. Still, many of us will prefer to trade some weight and thickness for true all-day battery life (my definition: 8-10 hours of productive use). The upcoming Haswell laptop refreshes should also bring the TDPs down and introduce deeper idle states along with playable GT3 graphics. It would be nice if they all came with Thunderbolt, NFC and an LTE modem as well to justify its premium product standing.


For Singapore buyers, the Zenbook UX31A Touch will set you back SGD$2498 (including 2 years international warranty). Its closest Windows competitors are the Samsung Series 9 and Acer Aspire S7, and I guess it boils down to which kind of body asthetics you prefer since they are all specced similarly. Honestly though, the Retina Macbook Pro 13 is looking like the better deal if you don't care about Windows or Touch.

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