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Asus Zenbook UX31A Touch Review

In this section, we will go through the CPU and storage subsystem of our review candidate.

The CPU itself is a 17W ULV Ivy Bridge dual core with HT, featuring a maximum turbo frequency of 3GHz in lightly threaded scenarios and HD 4000 GT2 graphics for light gaming. There is even full VT-x/VT-d support for those who desire to dabble in virtualization. The DDR3 memory modules are probably soldered directly on to the motherboard and clocked at a desirable 1600MHz in dual channel mode. One thing I hope to see in subsequent laptop releases next year is at least 8/16GB of system memory, as 4GB simply isn't enough for heavy content creation + multi-tabbed web browser kind of usage model that the Ultrabooks are marketed for.

For the benefit of any interested buyers, I've confirmed directly with Asus representatives that the excellent SATA3 Sandforce based 256GB ADATA SSD shown here will indeed be the one inside the retail Zenbook Touch units, and not the abysmal Sandisk U100 sometimes seen in the older Zenbooks.


The 256GB SSD was pre-partitioned with 100GB for the System, 120GB for data storage, and the rest for factory recovery.

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