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ASUS Will Remain Largest Gaming Monitor Vendor In 2017 Says Exec

ASUS, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer, is the current leader in gaming monitors. Vincent Chiou, the associate president of the Computer’s Monitor Business Unit, believes that this will continue into 2017. Despite a significant increase in competitors in the gaming monitor market. What’s more, Chiou believes that the market will continue to grow by up to 5-10% year on year in 2017.

Why ASUS remains on top

Image courtesy: ASUS

ASUS leads not only in gaming monitors but also in displays full stop. In Taiwan, over half of all government and education procurement orders go to the company. Overall, the company has a market share in their own country of around 28-29%. Asus has also received plenty of orders from Japan’s Kumamoto and Narita Airports. In Europe, Asus is a top three vendor for over six countries, including France and Germany.

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ASUS’ gaming monitor sector accounts for about 10% of all monitor shipments. Of this, the primary markets for the company are North America and Europe. ASUS’ market share in these markets is 50% and 40% respectively. However, demand for the company’s gaming monitors is growing strong in other Asian markets, such as China and the Asia Pacific region. Overall, Chiou has plenty of reason to feel that ASUS’ leading position will remain the same in 2017.

The point of growth

Image courtesy: ASUS

Chiou is estimating that gaming monitor shipments are going to increase by 100% in 2017. This is not a number plucked from thin air. Chiou points to the new developments in ASUS’ gaming monitor technology. Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, for example, is becoming increasingly popular. ASUS also includes their own proprietary improvements, such as ultra-low blue light and flicker-free technologies. ASUS is planning to unveil a new monitor to include all of these improvements.

Image courtesy: ROG

Overall, as new features such as improved resolution, larger sizes and curved screens come in higher demand, Chiou believes that interest in gaming monitors will only increase. So long as ASUS remains ahead of the curve in all of these improvements, their market lead will not be compromised.

Source: Digitimes

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