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Asus ventures into making wearable devices

Asustek’s chairman Jonney Shih said on Monday that his organization’s research laboratory is considering the feasibility of making a wearable device, which he feels is a which is a “critical sector” in terms of innovation.


Wearable devices are attracting a lot of mainstream attention from manufacturers. Ever since the dramatic unveiling of Google Glass last year, the segment has seen a lot of activity, with a lot of vendors trying to get into the game. While we are yet to officially hear any word from Apple, rumours of the iWatch continue to circulate the Internet with wild abandon.

In an annual shareholders’ meeting, Jonney Shih answered, “The point is how to win the leading position when such devices become the mainstream products. I think it’s certainly a promising sector, as we are talking about a cross-field war. We will likely see more bio-technology integrated with computer technology in the future.”

He also mentioned that the difficulty in such a technology is in creating a way for consumers to interact with such wearable devices freely. He mentioned, “We should consider how to add more value for consumers, and we have been running many simulation tests in our labs.”

Harish Jonnalagadda
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