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ASUS unveils new energy-efficient displays

ASUS Energy Efficient LCD Monitor

Besides motherboards, graphics cards, notebook PCs and Eee product family, ASUS has also unveiled their new energy-efficient displays at the CeBIT trade show, including the world’s first wireless monitor.

ASUS has unveiled their new line of energy-efficient LCD monitors that are designed not only to provide convenience to the user, but also protect the environment.

EzLink Series – Work Smarter and Faster with Wireless Connectivity
The ASUS Wireless LCD Monitor is a breakthrough in user-centric design, providing professionals with a minimalist approach in terms of connecting a monitor to a desktop or notebook.

The new generation EzLink technology enables users to connect displays via Wireless Host Controller Interface (WHCI) which delivers the same performance as a conventional display, or USB Host Wire Adapter (HWA) with a hassle-free USB cable which is capable of linking up to 6 monitors.

Energy-efficient Green Monitor VH192C and VH196
ASUS has developed the energy-efficient VH192C and VH196 LCD monitors to go with their green initiative to protect the environment. These monitors are designed with the environment in mind – utilizing low levels of mercury during construction and just two lamps to save more than 20% in power consumption.

The ASUS VH192C also incorporates the Color Shine glare-type panel that enriches image color density and saturation, clarifies borders and further improves image clarity.

Source: ASUS

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