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ASUS unveils ARES II (dual HD 7970GHz) and other new products at CES 2013

In what has been a relatively underwhelming CES 2013 so far (or at least for PC components), Asus has released a plethora of new products, including the ARES II which is the company’s dual slot, water-cooled take on a dual-HD 7970 card (aka 7990).


Back in June last year along with the ill-fated MARS II (dual GTX680, which never went into production because Nvidia frowned on it), we exclusively revealed that the Asus Republic of Gamers team had been working on the follow-up to their AMD graphics flagship line (ARES) which was to be based on two HD 7870 Pitcairn ASICs on a single PCB. Shortly afterwards, we were then informed that the project was shelved due to a lack of perceived demand.

Rumors began circulating about its revival around last month and today ASUS finally took the wraps off the latest incarnation of the project, featuring dual HD 7970 GHz edition ASICs along with a dual-slot, water-cooled solution consisting of a 120mm radiator and two fans in a push-pull configuration. Possibly a contender for the title of fastest graphics card in the world, the monstrousity is fitted with beefy 20-phase VRM and 6GB of GDDR5 memory. As with the previous MARS/ARES marquee cards, there will only a limited production run of around 1000 units (with a serial number on every card) and they are expected to be priced north of US$1500 (or around three individual HD 7970).

Similar to the Matrix HD 7970 Platinum that we reviewed not too long ago, the ARES II will come with six display connectors (four full-sized DP and two DVI-D) for six display Eyefinity support. The core and memory clocks have also been given a slight bump from stock  to 1100MHz and 1650MHz respectively.


ASUS also showed off their upcoming PCIe based SSD RAID solution, although the company did not reveal specifics about its flash memory controller or NAND configuration.


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