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ASUS to introduce MARS II and Matrix for GTX 580

Recent reports suggested that ASUS may be planning to introduce the MARS II and Matrix models for its GTX 580 series. Read on.

The ASUS Matrix GTX 580 model comes in two versions, Standard and Platinum. The standard version offers a 10MHz overclock in the core frequency from the reference GTX 580, while the Platinum version offers a 44MHz overclock. There are also additional features on the card itself shown in the image above: TweakIt (instant voltage adjustment), ProbeIt (instant voltage measurement) and Safe Mode Button (reset settings instantly).

The ASUS MARS II GTX 580 X2 model will feature two pieces of GF110 (GTX 580). The core frequency and memory frequency have not been revealed at this point in time. Memory size of the graphics card is said to be 3GB. Similar with the Matrix and other high end models from ASUS, the MARS II will also come with the DirectCu design which offers better temperatures.

Model Core Frequency Shader Frequency Memory Frequency Memory Size

Memory Interface

Reference GTX 580 772MHz 1544MHz 4008MHz 1.5GB 384-bit
ASUS Matrix GTX 580 Standard 782MHz 1564MHz 4008MHz 1.5GB 384-bit
ASUS Matrix GTX 580 Platinum 816MHz 1632MHz 4008MHz 1.5GB 384-bit
ASUS MARS II GTX 580 X2 TBA TBA TBA 3.0GB 2 x 384-bit

Sources: PCTuning, XFastest.

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