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Asus teases CES smartphone announcement with Optical Zoom feature


With CES just around the corner, all the major technology brands seem to be busy teasing their upcoming announcements. Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS has also been teasing a number of its upcoming products since the past week or two, including the new ZenFone line. Today the company posted a new teaser that points to a smartphone with Optical Zoom capability.

The company first teased the device around two weeks back on its Facebook page with the tagline “See what others can’t see”. The background image used in the post simply showed a metallic back of some sort, which didn’t quite make it very clear as to what Asus may have been referring to. However, the teaser video released by Asus on its Facebook page today does tell us a lot more than the previous teaser. Asus has embedded a Morse code message that refers to the “Optical Zoom” feature that the device may come with.

ASUS has been focusing on the camera with its newer devices and even the entry-level ZenFone offerings come with ASUS’s PixelMaster technology. So we’re certainly very excited to see what the company has managed to cram in the device. We have seen Optical Zoom in Android devices earlier in the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and the Galaxy S4 Zoom smartphones However, both of them were hybrid devices and not quite as convenient to carry around as a traditional smartphone due to their incredibly thick bodies and higher weight. If ASUS has managed to cram in Optical Zoom in a body that is significantly thinner than the Samsung hybrid smartphone cameras, it could be a huge selling point and also open up the possibility of seeing more Android smartphones with Optical Zoom feature from other OEMs in the future. We’re also curious about the rest of the hardware and if the device will be ASUS’s new flagship Android smartphone offering or just a mid-range smartphone with a focus on the camera.

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