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ASUS showcases new range of notebooks at CeBIT


At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, ASUS has unveiled their new lineup of notebook PCs including the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5, N-series, K-series and the M90Gf that boasts the world’s largest memory of up to 16GB.

ASUS has recently unveiled their extensive lineup of mobile computing solutions at the annual CeBIT 2009.

The highlights include the exclusive partnership between ASUS and Automobili Lamborghini in the ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 (above pic), a notebook sporting an exterior chassis inspired by the highly regarded and limited edition Lamborghini Reventón; ASUS M90Gf entertainment notebook PC and ASUS K Series.

ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5: Impassioned Power and Luxury
The ASUS-LAMBORGHINI VX5 sports a futuristic chassis, with its design inspired by the revered LAMBORGHINI Reventón. The VX5 is equipped with currently the world’s largest density Solid State Drive standing at 1TB.

Powered by an Intel® Core™2 Quad processor and 4GB memory, the VX5 features a TwinTurbo mode that users can utilize to accelerate CPU and GPU performance via a speed key. A 16-inch Full HD display provides more-than-ample viewing space for documents, pictures or movies. Images are displayed in superior vibrancy and clarity, thanks to the dedicated NVIDIA® GeForce™ GT 130M graphics with GDDR3 1GB VRAM. A newly-adopted illuminated ‘chiclet’ keyboard automatically lights up in low light conditions, while a Blu-ray disc combo optical drive completes this comprehensive package of panache and power.

ASUS K Series: Computing Comfort On-the-go
The new ASUS K Series is designed for computing comfort, steadfast reliability and multimedia enjoyment. Equipped with the proprietary ASUS Super Hybrid Engine (SHE), it delivers up to 5-hours of non-stop computing on a 6-cell battery, while providing a choice between performance and power conservation modes.

Users are also treated to a sensory feast of surreal entertainment on the move with Altec Lansing speakers, true SRS surround sound and a 16:9 golden aspect ratio LCD display.

N Series Make-over: New N Series with NCVM for Style and Resilience
ASUS also announces the utilization of Non-conductive Vacuum Metallization (NCVM) films on the ASUS N81, N51, N60 and the N70 series of notebooks (shown above).

NCVM is a vapor metallization film that provides a decorative sheen to the notebook and, being of non-conductive nature, can also avoid the interference of radio frequency (RF) signals such as Wi-Fi compared to other metallization methods such as aluminum. NCVM is not only corrosion resistant, but it can also stands up to the knocks and bumps of day-to-day computing while on the move.

ASUS M90Gf: World’s Largest Memory of Up to 16GB for Maximum Performance
The ASUS M90Gf is a notebook designed for users to enjoy massive high definition on the move. Equipped with an advanced NVIDIA® MCP79MH chipset that supports a maximum of 4 SODIMM, the ASUS M90F boasts the world’s largest memory of up to 16GB, with 4GB dual rank, 26-bit SODIMMS for extensive multitasking and multimedia capabilities while on the move.

Source: ASUS

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