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ASUS showcases Eee product range

ASUS Eee Stick

At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, ASUS showcased their wide range of Eee family products (including the Eee Stick shown above) which are designed for work and play anytime, anywhere.

Visitors to CeBIT this year were treated to a comprehensive look at how every facet of their lives can be enriched by ASUS’ holistic suite of easy-to-use Eee solutions. From High Definition entertainment, video calling and gaming to massive file sharing and all-in-one computing, ASUS had each area covered with an incredibly innovative Eee product.

Eee Stick: An Innovative Plug-and-Play Wireless Controller for Instant Gaming Fun
The Eee Stick, which translates hand motions into onscreen movements, offers complete freedom of movement when gaming. Its three modes—motion, pointing and tilt—make it suitable for virtually any type of game. A Game Manager allows users to access games quickly, as well as adjust the controller’s settings to suit their personal playstyles. The Eee Stick can also enhance the user’s PC experience by serving as a 3D mouse.

EeeNAS PC: The All-In-One Solution for Centralized File Storage and Sharing
A two Terabyte (2TB) Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution mated to a PC, the EeeNAS PC is the perfect platform for storing, backing up and sharing multimedia and data. Designed for 24/7 operation, it boasts low power consumption figures, an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), and a near-silent noise level of just 28dB. In addition, it is equipped with a convenient 3.5-inch touchscreen control panel, a front slot loading DVD writer and multi-server capabilities.

Eee Box PC B206: The World’s Smallest HD-capable Desktop PC
The Eee Box PC B206 is a space-saving PC and home entertainment solution that allows users to enjoy hardware-accelerated High Definition content via its HDMI output. Its unique design makes it possible to be mounted on LCD TVs and monitors to save space. It consumes just 15 watts of power, operates at a near-silent 26dB, and boasts Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity for high speed Internet browsing.

Eee Videophone: The World’s First Skype Certified™ PC-Free Videophone
The Eee Videophone is dedicated to unlimited video calling over the Internet in just three easy steps. Boasting a large 7-inch display and a built-in webcam, speaker and microphone, the Wi-Fi-capable videophone lets users make unlimited face-to-face video calls to their loved ones without the need for a computer. Its simple-to-use, icon-based interface and intuitive button layout take the complexity out of Internet calling—making it a perfect all-in-one videoconferencing solution that can be placed just about anywhere.

Eee Top PC ET1602: An All-in-one Touch PC for Use Anywhere at Home
The Eee Top PC ET1602 is an all-in-one touch-enabled computer that comes with a comprehensive suite of touch-optimized applications spanning productivity, entertainment and communications—enabling users to do virtually anything, easily. Although housed in a compact LCD monitor form factor, the Eee Top PC ET1602 offers a rich complement of features, such as Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity for speedy and reliable Internet access, built-in high fidelity speakers for crystal clear audio and an integrated 1.3 megapixel web camera and microphone array for convenient web conferencing. It also features ASUS Tranquiller Technology that ensures that the system stays cool while operating at an extremely quiet 26dB.

Source: ASUS

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