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ASUS RT-N16 Router Review


The RT-N16 is a little guy with big surprises. The features that are packed along with the impressive GUI makes even the average router performance seemed non-significant. 

The outlook and design of RT-N16 may look as plain as the next wireless router in the market, but making the RT-N16 worthwhile is what this router offers internally and not externally. No one can resist when complicated things are simplified and offered with the push of one button, or with the click of the mouse.

The RT-N16’s control panel/GUI offers just the right amount of mixture between simple and advance features. Also, the RT-N16 received the 2010 CES Design and Engineering Showcase Honors.

Finally, for an average user, there is nothing more important than the ease of using a system even without the know-how.


Category Comments Score
Look wise, the RT-N16 is a simple looking with no distinctive features to make it stand out in a crowd. But simplicity is the beauty it posses.

Performance Performance is average when compared with other competitors, but we are looking at a rather high average. 7.5
Features Features include private FTP server set up, bandwidth management and turn a USB storage into a network drive. 8.8
Usability Having a good GUI goes a long way in making any system usable. 9.5
Price/Package While slanted slightly toward the higher pricing, the RT-N16 makes it up with superb feature set. 8.0

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ASUS RT-N16 Router
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