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ASUS RT-N16 Router Review

Some of the more prominent selling point of this router lies in the features the RT-N16 offers, particularly, the AiDisk and EzQoS. Before we go into them, lets take a brief run-through of what this wireless router can offer.

Operation Modes

The RT-N16 offers three modes of operation, Broadband Share, Router and Access Point. The modes are accessible through the Advanced Settings / Administration link.

In Broadband Share mode, the router connects to the internet via an ADSL or Cable modem (PPPoE, Automatic IP, PPTP, L2TP, or Static IP) and provides wireless radio signal. In this mode, the NAT, firewall and broadband sharing services are enabled for all clients.

In Router mode, it is suggested to connect the RT-N16 to an existing LAN via Ethernet cable in the WAN port. Doing so, the LAN network is extended allowing further coverage and creating a bigger network. This mode disables NAT, but allows static routing protocol. While home users may not necessarily require this mode, it may become useful for small offices looking to expand in operations.

In Access Point mode, the router becomes a singular access point with no firewall, IP sharing, NAT functions. It is connected to any existing LAN network to allow additonal wireless options (if the existing network has none, or has limited range), and all clients will be bridged together.

To sum it up, all three modes together gives this router versatility that most in the market may not offer.


The USB support included in RT-N16 is much welcomed and with the generosity of offering 2x USB connections is even more welcomed. One is able to plug in any USB devices, such as thumbdrives and external hard disks and instantly the router detects it like how a computer does and the next moment it becomes a network drive.

Without setting any additional settings, the USB drives becomes public available to any users connected to the router via the neighbourhood sharing.

Under the Advanced Settings / USB Applications one can exert finer controls over the USB drive being shared, like restricting it to specific accounts and etc.

UPnP Media Server

People with Xbox, PS3 and any gadgets that supports Media Server/Receiving functionality shall rejoice, for the RT-N16 comes with a built in uPnP Media Server that allows the router to stream content directly.


The AiDisk feature allows you to setup a private FTP server that connects directly to the USB hard disk or thumbdrive plugged into the router via the USB ports. With this feature, you can now have access to your files without needing to keep you computer on at all times.


Balancing the limited and precious bandwidth that one has is often a painstaking task, and normal end users often gives up after trying to understand how to achieve this via the control panel of any router. In light of this, the RT-N16 understands the agony and has offered a graphic based bandwidth management feature, EzQoS.

This feature attempts to break down the available bandwidth into four main categories, Gaming Blaster, Internet Application, AiDisk and Voip/Video Streaming. Each of the settings attempts to allow the best bandwidth management in order to provide the best experience available.

By default, none is selected, and all bandwidth are catered for P2P (Peer to Peer) transfers. Upon clicking on the categories, the bandwidth are then allocated accordingly to the users needs. A few combination are select below.

Notice that once more than one categories are selected, P2P bandwidth is automatically set to 10%. If you require finer controls, the Advanced Settings / WAN / QoS allows custom configuration of the bandwidth.

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