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ASUS RT-N16 Router Review


One of the main key advantage the RT-N16 has over its competitors is namely the easy to use GUI, named EZ UI. It is apparent that the designers at ASUS took a course on how a consumer wants a user friendly GUI, but at the same time offers full control.

The EZ UI is engineered to allow users quick access to all functionalities of the router with easy to recognize graphics. Catered especially for average users, all links are linked with a meaningful image that gives hint to what this button may lead to. Also included is the in-UI Intelligent Helper Dr. Surf, whom provides helpful hints and warnings to when a feature may be down or broken.

The main screen offers at a glance the hierarchical structure of the network, with the Internet connection at the top, and toward the bottom, number of clients connected (both wired and wireless) and the two USB connections.

All components in the hierarchical structure are selectable with their information displayed to the right of the screen. Most information and configurations can either be obtained or configured here, but if one requires more control, the Advance settings on the right offers full blown control.

Other than RT-N16, ASUS’s noteworthy EZ UI can also be found on RT-10, RT-12, RT-13, RT-13U, RT-15, DSL-N11 and DSL-N13. Refer to table below for the list of functionalities provided for in each model.

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