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ASUS rolls out HiveSpot and HiveDot mesh Wi-Fi router system

It looks like mesh routers are the way forward for networking. ASUS is getting in on the action with the HiveSpot and HiveDot, a mesh Wi-Fi system that is designed to blanket your entire house with coverage. The HiveSpot is the more powerful unit, offering a tri-band AC2134 router, and the HiveDot is an AC1300 class router with two radios.

You’ll need at least three of either the HiveSpot or HiveDot set up for the system to work. One unit will be configured as the master, and the other nodes will boost signal coverage throughout the house. As for the tech inside, here’s what you get:

HiveSpot incorporates seven smart antennas, enabling wide coverage for large homes and offices including multi-floor locations. Combined with ASUS AiRadar beamforming technology, which focuses Wi‑Fi signals towards the connected devices, HiveSpot provides a strong, stable wireless signal at all times. In addition to dual-band AC1300 Wi-Fi, HiveSpot has a third dedicated 5GHz frequency band for up to 867Mbps inter-node communications, ensuring outstanding performance and a whole home blanketed with Wi-Fi.

HiveSpot also comes with ASUS’ AiProtection network security suite, which is powered by Trend Micro. The suite actively monitors network traffic for any vulnerabilities that could affect connected devices.

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