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ASUS ROG Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX (Z77) Review

We did not deploy our Phase Change cooler this time (just a normal Corsair H100 water cooler), but as you can see the Maximus V Formula has no problems running at high base clock frequencies (110MHz, this is with dual HD 7970 even) and completing the torturous Linpack test at XMP timings of our 2400MHz G.Skill 16GB kit without much fluctuation in CPU core voltage when fully loaded.

PCIe transfer efficiency is pretty good but not the best we've had (bettered by the Maximus V Extreme and EVGA Z77 FTW).


On this system, you can pretend to be Lewis Hamilton and drive like a champion on the highest graphical detail settings.


No obvious DPC latency problems were observed even with the TurboV software running in the background, which is a good thing.


These are the transfer speed tests conducted on a Crucial M4 512GB (rated at 520MB read and 260MB/s write).


Finally, the onboard SupremeFX IV delivers better than average audio performance in the RMAA loopback test, and our golden ears agree with the results too during informal music playback and gaming tests.

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