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Asus ROG Maximus V Extreme (Z77) Subzero Review


ASUS is known for being very good about updating their software, and their Z77 boards are no exceptions. The amount of customized applications, even some that are well known in the enthusiast and overclocking realm, all have the ROG stamp on them. 

If you install off of the ASUS DVD then you can also install a customized Windows 7 Skin for ROG. It comes with many different wallpapers and even a specialized pointer and start button. 

Here we have TuboV, which is ASUS's main tuning software. 

The same software suite also carries a very wide range of programs, from fan settings to voltage monitoring and USB charging. 

Here we have a cool sensor recorder. 

Above is the EPU menu to control the power savings of the system. 

ASUS even customized the Realtek application! 

The well known ASUS ROG CPU-Z customized screen. 

TweakIT also is part of the ASUS software package and very well known in the OC community. 

Test Setup:

In this review we will run our battery of benchmark tests on the Maximus 5 Extreme at stock to give you a performance baseline so that you can compare your system to it. We will overclock under LN2 and post some benchmark scores later in the review.

CPU Core i7 3770K
Memory Samsung Green ULV 8GB(4×2)
Power Supply Corsair AX1200
SSD Samsung 830
OS Windows 7 SP1 without any tweaks


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