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ASUS ROG Mars II 3GB – A Mini Review


We ran FurMark 1.9 and measured temperatures with a thermocouple thermometer placed on top base plate of the left heatsink. Fans were set to 100%.

Room Temperature: 25 Degrees Centigrade
Idle Temperature: 38.3 Degrees Centigrade
5 Minutes into Furmark : 52.2 Degrees Centigrade

Furmark showed figures according to the on-die temperature sensors on MARS II.

Unfortunately during the Furmark Burn in Test, the dual 120mm fans at 100% speed and huge heatpipe coolers did not prevent the cores from reaching the maximum thermal threshold of 97 degrees centigrade and therefore inducing clockspeed throttling. 

Overclocking the Mars II

Using the provided ASUS GPUTweak Tool, we managed to push the core clock to 815MHz at stock voltage. In yet another disappointment, we encountered negative scaling in 3DMark Vantage, possibly due to thermal throttling.



We will clarify this behaviour with ASUS ROG engineers and possibly remount the heatsink/reapply thermal paste before our more comprehensive review.

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