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ASUS ROG Mars II 3GB – A Mini Review

Back in 2009, ASUS launched their 1000-piece limited edition mammoth "Mars" (2 x GTX285 on a single card) and took the performance crown over then GPU leaders NVIDIA GTX295 and AMD HD5970, albeit at a significant price premium. Two years later today, we do a mini review on the world's fastest single graphics card equipped with two GTX580 Fermi cores – the ASUS Republic of Gamers Mars II 3GB.


A very big box


Like its predecessor, the ASUS ROG Mars II has limited production run of 999 pieces (ours was the "529th").


GTX 580

GTX 590 (2 x GTX 580)

Mars II

Core Clock




Shader Clock




Memory Clock






2 x 1.5GB

2 x 1.5GB

Stream Processors 512 1024 1024
TDP 243W 365W ?
From the specifications table above, we see that the Mars II is clocked marginally higher (1.3%) than the reference GTX 580 core clock, and 28% over the similar dual chip GTX 590. To sustain the higher frequencies, the ROG team at ASUS designed a custom PCB and power circruitry on the Mars II, allowing the 2 GF110 Fermi cores to perform at their full potential on a single card.


On the triple slot I/O shield, we have two DVI-D ports, a HDMI and a Display Port interface on the card allowing for up to 4 display outputs.

At the side of the card,  there are 3 x 8 pin PCIE power connectors delivering up to 450W of additional power. There is also a red-backlit button to override and trigger 100% fan speeds on the two huge 120mm fans in the cooling system.


ASUS has thoughtfully bundled a "PCI-E sustainer" to protect the motherboard and to aid mounting in obtuse cases.

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