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True 7.1 gaming headset with 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers and a plug-and-play USB audio station

ASUS ROG Gaming Peripherals Line-up at CES 2015

ASUS unveiled a slew of products at the recent CES, a fair few of them under the ROG label. Gamers, you do not want to miss out knowing about these ones:

ROG Swift PG27AQ 4K/UHD IPS gaming monitor


The PG27AQ complements the ROG gaming monitor lineup by offering greater resolution than the Swift PG278Q. The PG278Q, itself, is a notable FPS workhorse; instead the PG27AQ trades refresh rate for a higher (4K) resolution. An IPS panel is used in this model. Additional features include NVIDIA’s G-Sync and ASUS’s ROG GamePlus. DisplayPort 1.2 specification limits, mean a 60Hz refresh rate. Polygon workers may find the 1000:1 contrast ratio and 300 cd/m^2 brightness a welcome improvement.

ROG G20 compact gaming desktop PC


PCs with a Intel® Core™ i7 4790 Processor and a NVIDIA GeForce® GTX™ 970 graphics card might not be much news; how about putting all that in a compact chassis just 12.5 litres big? The ROG G20 is just that, a small H97 PC with all the gaming niceties and not much flab. The sole drawback? SO-DIMM memory slots.

ROG GR8 console-size gaming PC


The GR8 is yet another small PC. With a mainstream Intel® Core™ i7 4510U Processor, this one is not quite as high-performance as the G20, but it aims to displace the gaming console on your TV bench. Install your favourite emulator, and get back to 8-bit gaming frenzy.

ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge

 ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge

More fashion accessory than anything else, this SLI bridges comes with a brushed metal facade. It also comes with the assurance that signal-integrity issues has been checked and EM compliance has been met.

ROG Spatha gaming mouse


The ROG Spatha is both a wireless and wired mouse, thereby making it a rather amphibious rodent for the rather ambitious gamer. Unlike the Gladius, this one is made for right-handers only. The ROG Armory software works in conjunction with 12 programmable buttons for the most ardent MMO players that exists. Finally there is a magnetic docking station that charges the battery, and excuse for making the mouse stand on it two hind legs.

ROG Sica gaming mouse


The Sica is ASUS’s answer to Gladius-gazing gamers on a shoestring budget. Like the Gladius, the switches are user-swappable. The Sica is ambidextrous, so you can train your inner-leftie/rightie and decide who is the better gamer.

ROG Whetstone gaming mouse pad


With much mice on the loose, ASUS has decided to demarcate their play area with the Whetstone mouse pad. This one takes an 8-stage bonding process to make, and is made to complement the Gladius, Sica, and Spatha products. The best part? It’s actually been developed under constant user-feedback from gamers who game for a living. We’ve checked with ASUS; flipping the mousepad over does not make it a Dhrystone.


ASUS MG279Q WQHD gaming monitor


This 27 inch display has a narrow bezel latching onto a 2560×1440 IPS panel, and is capable of 120Hz refresh. It’s I/O galore for this product, the single monitor takes in DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, a duet of HDMI inputs, and even MHL 2.0. The two USB ports on this display are both USB 3.0 capable.

Strix 7.1 true 7.1 surround gaming headset

True 7.1 gaming headset with 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers and a plug-and-play USB audio station

When every frag counts, it’s sheer waste not to be able to hear enemy activity just because your headset doesn’t image. ASUS’s answer is to put five transducers on each side of your head, so you can aurally position your enemies. A mix-down box is provided to cater for various input channel count, and accessible volume control. There is even a noise-cancellation microphone in the box for improved intelligibility in noisy environments.

Strix Claw gaming mouse


This Claw is a right-handed one, with a 5000 DPI sensor. Like the true blue obsessive, Japanese-sourced Omron D2F-01F switches are installed as default. The braided cable should prove reasonably tangle free. 64KB of inbuilt memory allows configuration settings to be permanently stored on the mouse for good portability.

Strix Tactic Pro mechanical gaming keyboard


Cherry MX switches; backlit; and 21 macro keys, the Tatic Pro allows for 100 simultaneous key presses. Like the Claw, inbuilt memory allows configuration settings to be stored onboard for minimal reconfiguration when porting the keyboard over to alien PC systems.

Strix Glide Control and Strix Glide Speed gaming mouse pads


The Glide Control is a mouse pad utilising heavy-weave fabric, whereas the Glide Speed uses a fine-weave fabric surface to cut down on the friction. Choose one to your liking, because they’re made for both laser, and optical sensor products.

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