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ASUS introduces Radeon R9 390 STRIX & 390X STRIX graphics cards


ASUS expanded its STRIX lineup today with the announcement of the R9 390 STRIX and the R9 390X STRIX graphics cards targeted at the enthusiast gaming market.

Both the newly announced cards come with ASUS’s STRIX DirectCU 3 cooler, exactly the same one that the company is using on the upcoming GeForce GTX 980 Ti STRIX. The card includes two 10mm direct-GPU-contact heat pipes that allow the card to perform 30% better than the reference designs. There are three fans using the new wing-blade design that has been designed to offer maximum airflow and static pressure over the heatsink. Together, these new improvements make the R9 390 and R9 390X STRIX cards the coolest and quietest graphics card solution available in the market.


Both these cards come factory overclocked. The R9 390 STRIX features a core clock of 1050 MHz while the R9 390X STRIX has a 1070 MHz core clock. Memory on both cards is clocked at 6.0 GHz.

While pricing is yet to be declared, ASUS expects the cards to be available worldwide starting today.

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